Rabu, 13 Juni 2012


Just now i bake this rainbow cake

Welcome Back

Hello readers!
Longtime no see you all guys..
I'm free now
But just stay at home
I miss my new bofie so much
That's all i can tell you my readerss

Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

happy belated birthday my man

 happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you:*
hahhaa,, happy 21st birthday baby,, wish you all the best,, may all your dream come true,, big blast,, longevity,, i'm still loving you,, 43 days left to your arrival to hometown,, hahahha,, miss you badly babyy,, iloveyou♥

Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

hang out with my evii;)

hello♥went to cambridge with evi on sunday,, she fetch me from my home to cambridge,, waiting for her so longg,, after arrived at cambridge we went to kiekie salon to blow her hair,, i'm just sitting and talking with her,, ahaha,,after finished blow her hair,, we went to solaria to have our lunch with her friend name ricky,, hahaha,, take some photo,, we have plan to go to sun to buy slippers,, ahhaha,, but something happened with evi's car,, so we went to workshop,, hahaha,, we were very surprised when the mechanic at that workshop took evi's car to the trial,, cause our bag and my camera at car,, so shockk,, finally the car is back and we wanna go to sun,, evi's mom call evi to go home,, so evi go home,, before she bring me home we went to merdeka walk to have ice cream,, lol,, after she bring me home,, lot of fun with her,, 

Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

what i'm doing right noww

now i'm waiting for my lil sista wake up,, hahaha,, she is still seeping,, wanna play,kiss,bite her and many else,,hahhaa what a sister bite her lil sista,, hahaha,, she has a pipi tembem,, hahahaa,,

today activity

i've invited to gracekelly soft opening today,, very proud to be invited by my tuition teacher ex-girlfriend,, hahaha,, she is so kind,, maybe her brother is a photographer on grace kelly,, don't know too,, just see later,, hahaha,, don't know what i have to wear,, just a simple shirt and pants,, hahaha,, see you later♥

my teacher forget where he put my invitation card,, so he gave me his friend invitation card,, Anthony Sukanto's ivitation card,, hahaha,,

AnthonySukanto's invitation card

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just  woke up from my bad night,, missing oei badly,, till 52 days left for his arrival to medan,, can't wait for dcember,, december please be good,, please come earlier,, no need to have november,, skip it to december,, or change position with december,, december,november,january,february,march he is in medan,, hope it,, but that just a dream that never come true,, lol,, iloveyou oei♥